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                LX-JN-4 High efficiency mosquito killing lamp with alternating current

                2018-08-30 345

                Product material: stainless steel, surface electrostatic sprayed (color and height can be customized according to customer requirements).

                Power grid material: stainless steel

                Voltage: 220V (AC)

                Working current: 0.125A

                Power: 18W24W

                Plant protection insecticidal area: 4000-6000 square meters (6-9 acres, 360 degrees large area killing insects.

                Insect killing mode: double frequency vibration mode.

                Power grid high voltage: 3K current <5mA

                Moisture-proof (rain) protection device: humid and rainy weather, safe and normal work.

                Species of insects trapped and killed by work: mosquito pupae, nocturnal moth, poisonous moth, longicorn, scarab, cricket, locust, white wing, flying ant, etc.

                Scope of application: animal husbandry, aquaculture, planting, public places, Les Loges Du Park Hotel, etc.