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                "Gather the industry's talents, create brilliant career," Jianghai District, Jiangmen Leixun Solar Energy Technology Co., Ltd. sincerely invites the industry to join the elite!
                For Leixun Solar Technology Co., Ltd. in Jianghai District of Jiangmen City, the main reason why we can achieve today's success is to have a group of talented, creative and dedicated employees, which is the basis for success.
                Talents are the most valuable resources of enterprises and the source of strength for creating value. Jianghai Leixun Solar Energy Technology Co., Ltd. of Jiangmen City insists on the common growth of individuals and enterprises, operates independently and manages itself under the business objectives of enterprises, so as to enhance the common value of individuals and enterprises.
                We adhere to the "people-oriented" concept, dedicated to the introduction of excellent talents in line with corporate culture, with a high sense of responsibility and positive spirit of innovation to enhance customer value. Adhere to the "no best, only better" company belief, the pursuit of excellence, strive for progress, firmly believe that we can create miracles, with unlimited possibilities.