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                Jianghai Leixun Solar Energy Technology Co., Ltd. is a private high-tech enterprise which integrates research, production and sales of clean energy, environmental protection, plant protection, insecticide, sterilization and other products. Through independent research and innovation, the company has developed in the field of solar energy technology, outdoor mosquitoes (insects), intelligent emergency lighting, all-weather solar multi-functional emergency rescue vehicles and agricultural sterilization machine and other projects to obtain 27 national invention patents and practical patents.
                Solar energy and AC/DC double light source frequency oscillatory mosquito killing lamp series, is one of the company's main products, with intelligent and safe, killing mosquitoes, a wide range of advantages, a number of technical indicators in the industry in a leading position, also known as a new generation of efficient "physical pesticides". It can be widely used in planting, animal husbandry, schools, hospitals, factories, parks, urban greening, garden villas, etc. The products are highly effective in trapping and killing nocturnal moths, poisonous moths, longicorns, scarabys, crickets, locusts, mosquitoes and flies, white wings, flying ants and other harmful insects. The electric shock net of the series products adopts 360 degree shielding protection system on the whole structure, which can effectively protect human body from accidental contact and has sufficient safety factor. At the same time, the product is equipped with intelligent and humanized system security protection device, the voltage and current generated by electric shock net can only kill mosquitoes and flies, pests, and is absolutely safe to human body. In order to develop modern agriculture, realize nuisance-free planting, promote agricultural harvest and protect human health, a special sterilizer for agricultural pesticide-free was developed in combination with the horizontal development of product serialization. After several months of planting and testing, the cost of using pesticides was greatly reduced, and good results were achieved. Laida health agriculture to achieve "live water, organic pesticide-free" planting laid a good foundation and theoretical basis, products began to enter the farmers market.