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                Jiangmen Jianghai District Lei Xun Solar Energy Technology Co., Ltd. five requirements for franchisees:
                1. Management ability
                For customers who are interested in joining Leixun Solar Energy Technology Co., Ltd. in Jianghai District of Jiangmen City, we require you to have a certain management ability, so that the cause of both sides can achieve a win-win situation. For customers without any management quality, we will not open the joint projects to them.
                2. Love your career.
                Jianghai Leixun Solar Technology Co., Ltd. of Jiangmen City requires the franchisee to have a common understanding of the concept, a high degree of enthusiasm for the industry, we always believe that only love the cause, can manage the company's products;
                3, sense of responsibility
                Managing the products of Leixun Solar Energy Technology in Jianghai District of Jiangmen City is not only the personal cause of the franchisee, but also the common cause of all the employees of Leixun Solar Energy Technology Co., Ltd. in Jianghai District of Jiangmen City. It bears the brand image and the interests of consumers. Therefore, we require each franchisee to be responsible. Cooperative partner;
                4, bear hardships and stand hard work
                The spirit of enduring hardship and hard work is the quality that every franchisee should possess. In the face of difficulties and success, franchisee, as a franchisee, should maintain the mentality and energy of enduring hardship and hard work, so as to better achieve the success of the cause.
                5. Obedience management
                Jianghai Leixun Solar Technology Co., Ltd. is a Guangdong brand, we have a unified brand image and management system, we require partners to recognize the company's management system, and actively cooperate with the headquarters management to ensure the smooth operation of the project;
                Welcome the whole nation to join the business investment, the benefit altogether wins.