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                What are the advantages of solar mosquito killing lamp

                2019-01-25 428
                  1、Solar mosquito killing lampIt is a mosquito killer made by using physical principles. It can be used directly by connecting to the power supply without using any chemicals (mosquito incense, mosquito tablets, mosquito oil, pyrethrum, etc., which will be harmful to human body).
                  2、Solar mosquito killing lampThe mosquito killing area can reach 80-120 square meters. Even in the dark, mosquitoes can identify the location of prey according to the warm and humid carbon dioxide exhaled by the human body and the human body temperature; Combined with the phototaxis of mosquitoes, the surrounding mosquitoes can actively fly to the mosquito killer.
                  3、Solar mosquito killing lampThere are also air purification and sterilization. Use light touch to purify air and sterilize.
                  4、The silent design of mosquito killer has no disturbing noise of power grid mosquito trap.
                Solar mosquito killing lamp
                  5、At the same time, it has the same effect on flies, moths and insects.
                  6、At the same time, it has the same effect on flies, moths and insects.
                  7、The visible effect, the species and number of mosquitoes are easy to calculate, which is convenient for studying and tracking diseases.
                  8、Solar mosquito killing lamp is suitable for families with pregnant women and children at home. The effect is better at night.
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