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                How to safely use solar mosquito killing lamp

                2019-01-30 421

                1. Before use: it is necessary to check whether the application voltage and frequency are consistent with the product, and use a power socket consistent with the product. The ground wire of the socket must be grounded, then connect the power supply, turn on the power switch, and when you see the purple light in the lamp, the fly and mosquito killing operation has begun.

                2. When using: it is best to turn off other indoor light sources; Hang it at a height of about 1 meter from the ground, which is the scale of mosquito activities; Mosquito killing lamps should always be placed in different places, and hidden corners and under tables are the best; You can also add some water and vinegar to the insect collecting box of the mosquito killing lamp to achieve the best mosquito catching effect by making use of the characteristics of mosquitoes like acidic substances.

                太@ 阳能灭蚊灯厂家
                3. After use: after use, you should unplug the power supply in time and put away the mosquito killing lamp to avoid being contacted by the baby. If you see that there are many mosquito and fly residues accumulated in the base under the lamp, you should clean it in time. It is necessary to clean it when the power supply is cut off first. Take the insulating part of the screwdriver in hand, use the metal rod of the screwdriver to contact the two network wires between the power grid for open circuit and discharge, then press the external network with two thumbs, take out the rear network, and take out the chassis for cleaning.
                Article from: solar mosquito lamp manufacturer /
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