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                What are the basic knowledge of mosquito killing lamps

                2019-02-14 375
                Mosquito killing lamp is a mosquito killing equipment that does not need to use any chemical mosquito killing substances. It is a new generation of efficient and environment-friendly mosquito killing equipment that absorbs foreign advanced skills and improves many skills. Using the mosquito's habit of tending to light, moving with the air flow, being sensitive to temperature and liking to gather, especially chasing the smell of carbon dioxide and looking for sex pheromones, an environment-friendly and pollution-free high-efficiency killing thing is also called black light lamp mosquito killing. Mosquito killing lamps can be divided into electronic mosquito killing lamps, stick catching mosquito killing lamps and airflow mosquito suction lamps. The mosquito killing lamp has the characteristics of simple structure, low price, elegant appearance, small volume and low power consumption. Because no chemical mosquito killing substances need to be selected during use, it is a relatively environmentally friendly mosquito killing method.

                Principle of mosquito killing lamp

                The carbon dioxide exhaled by humans has been scientifically proved to be a substance that attracts mosquitoes. Photocatalyst mosquito killer can produce light, heat, carbon dioxide, water vapor and flowing air that mosquitoes like when working, simulate human body calling and attracting mosquitoes, attract mosquitoes away from you, fall into mosquito catching cyclone, and make them dehydrate and dry to death. Photocatalyst can also purify air, sterilize and disinfect.

                Function of mosquito killing lamp

                Mosquito killing lamps are mainly used to kill mosquitoes by luring them with fluorescent tubes. There is no evaporation of any chemical substances, which is more environmentally friendly. When we use it, we should put it where there are many mosquitoes. And turn off all other lights so that mosquitoes can see the fluorescence.

                Article from: solar mosquito lamp manufacturer /
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