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                What should we pay attention to when using mosquito killing lamp

                2019-02-22 371

                The damage of different wavelengths of ultraviolet rays to the skin is different. UVA can penetrate the human dermis, deepen and thicken the melanin on the surface of the skin, darken the skin in a short time, and cause skin aging or skin damage. UVB reaches between the epidermis and dermis, which will also damage the skin, but it also has a therapeutic effect on some skin diseases. When doctors treat skin diseases such as eczema, psoriasis and psoriasis, the treatment instrument used is UVB. UVC is mostly absorbed by the ozone layer in the atmosphere and rarely reaches the ground. The disinfection lamp we often see is UVC.

                It can be seen that the ultraviolet used by mosquito killing lamp has the greatest impact on the human body is to darken the skin. If it is exposed for a long time, it may also cause skin aging and other effects. In addition, the light will also cause some damage to the eyes.

                Mosquito killing lamp

                However, the impact of mosquito killing lamp on human health is limited. When using the mosquito killing lamp, it is best to have no one in the room and don't put the mosquito killing lamp at the head of the bed when sleeping. Keep away from mosquito killing lamp in the wild for a long time. Pay attention to &amp; ldquo; Light pollution;, Protect your skin and reduce the damage of light to your eyes.

                Not together, this repels mosquitoes

                Daytime indoor

                Mosquito repellent incense / insecticide spray

                Mosquito repellent incense or electric mosquito repellent incense sheet or electric mosquito repellent incense liquid. The principle of the latter is to continue heating through electricity and volatilize mosquito killing substances.

                Mosquito repellent incense generally contains insecticides, so it is best to use them in daytime when there is no one indoors. If there is someone, they should be ventilated. In addition, use the insecticide spray for at least half an hour to enter the room. Keep them away from children together.

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