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                Disassembly and installation method of mosquito killing lamp

                2019-02-25 388
                The basic structure of electronic mosquito killing lamp is composed of ultraviolet fluorescent tube, high-voltage power grid, printed circuit board (mainly including voltage doubling rectifier circuit) and fence shaped plastic shell. Meanwhile, the UV fluorescent tube is in the center of the plastic shell, and the periphery is surrounded by the high-voltage power grid. In this way, when mosquitoes fly to the UV fluorescent tube due to light, they will be killed by the high-voltage power grid on the way, and then reach the intention of mosquito control. The structure of mosquito killing lamp has its special features. Without understanding or paying attention to these characteristics, it is simple to take more detours in disassembly, damage parts, suffer electric shock, and even rework for many times. How to correctly disassemble the mosquito killing lamp?

                1. Before disassembling the mosquito killing lamp, be sure to cut off the power supply (pull out the power plug of the mosquito killing lamp), and then touch the two adjacent metal wires of the high-voltage power grid with a small screwdriver to discharge the high-voltage. Otherwise, it is likely to suffer electric shock during disassembly, and simply or unconsciously drop the mosquito killing lamp, resulting in damage to the UV fluorescent tube or other parts, so we must pay attention to it.

                2. Generally, the structure of mosquito killing lamp is not messy. Generally, the inner core can be removed by unscrewing 2 or 3 screws on the upper cover or base of plastic shell.

                3. If you need to disassemble the lamp tube, you should first exit the lamp tube support, then carefully hold the glass tube close to the lamp cap, and gradually rotate the lamp tube out. When disassembling, be careful not to damage the seal of the exhaust tip at the tail of the lamp, otherwise the lamp will be scrapped if it leaks.

                4. If you want to disassemble the printed circuit board, in addition to unscrewing the screws fixing the printed circuit board, you should generally disassemble the lamp connecting wire and the connecting wire of the high-voltage power grid, otherwise it is inconvenient to repair and simply damage the relevant components.

                5. After the maintenance, the installation shall be carried out in the reversible disassembly process. During reassembly, attention shall be paid to maintaining the components on the UV fluorescent tube and printed circuit board, and to prevent the short circuit of the high-voltage power grid due to the collision of metal wires.

                6. After installation, conduct power on test run. After inserting the power plug of the mosquito killing lamp, the ultraviolet fluorescent tube should emit light. Then pull out the power plug and touch the two adjacent metal wires of the high-voltage power grid with a screwdriver to see the discharge spark and hear the discharge sound.

                Article from: mosquito lamp manufacturer /
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