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                What are the skills to buy mosquito killing lamps

                2019-02-27 391
                Mosquito killing lamp sold now can be divided into electronic mosquito killing lamp and airflow mosquito suction lamp. Among them, the electronic mosquito killing lamp belongs to the early generation of products. Its principle makes use of the phototaxis of mosquitoes to attract mosquitoes and kill them by electric shock. However, in practical application, the power is not high, the volume is large, and the burning smell of mosquitoes will be announced; Now the more advanced mosquito killing lamp adopts the mosquito killing lamp in the form of air suction. Its principle enables the mosquito to be adsorbed by the air flow of the fan, resulting in its death. The utility model has the advantages of better mosquito killing power, small volume and no peculiar smell, which is very suitable for family use.
                太阳能Mosquito killing lamp厂家
                Basis Mosquito killing lamp Choose from different raw materials  

                The quality of the raw material of mosquito killing lamp affects the safety and usability of the product. Now the mosquito killing lamp with good quality in the market is generally made of high-quality brand-new AB material. Its advantage is that it has the function of antibacterial and flame retardant, and the product has high texture density, high hardness and very strong for use; The cheap mosquito killing lamp often uses the secondary recovered waste plastics as raw materials, which has a strong smell and is easy to break, and it is easier to release harmful substances under the irradiation of the lamp tube;

                Select according to the lamp tube of mosquito killing lamp

                The good quality of mosquito killing lamp has a great impact on the effect of mosquito control and the service life of products. The good quality mosquito killing lamp generally selects the purple light with short wavelength as the light source. This light sense has a strong attraction to mosquitoes and is very power-saving, and the service life is also longer than that of ordinary lamps; The inferior mosquito killing lamp often selects the general lighting lamp as the light source, because the light wavelength is long, so the temptation to mosquitoes is low, the mosquito catching effect is naturally poor, and the light life is also short, which will break down in a few months.

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