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                What are the product features and functions of mosquito killing lamp

                2019-03-06 410

                The mosquito killing lamp has the characteristics of simple structure, low price, elegant appearance, small volume and low power consumption.

                1. The incoming wind shines, mosquitoes can be lured in any direction, with high killing rate and wide range.

                2. The carbon dioxide smell generated by photocatalyst simulates human respiration, has a strong mosquito attraction effect, high mosquito control efficiency, no pollution and outstanding environmental protection.

                3. The captured live mosquitoes release sex pheromones to lure the same species closer, trap them one after another and kill them thoroughly.

                4. Mosquitoes are dried or die naturally, and there is no smell, so it is easy to trap mosquitoes continuously.

                5. The biggest feature is equipped with anti mosquito escape device (anti escape shutter). When the power is cut off, the mosquitoes will never come out again, and the natural dehydration will die.


                Product advantages:

                1. The selection of unique ABS + flame retardant materials makes the control of flies and other insects simpler and more environmentally friendly.

                2. The unique appearance design is very beautiful and more decorative, surpassing similar products in shopping malls.

                3. The maintenance is simple and fast, and the replacement of adhesive paper is very convenient.

                4. Energy saving inductive ballast is selected, which has the unique advantage of voltage maintenance function.

                5. Select high-quality special light frequency tubes that can attract flies, mosquitoes and other flying insects.

                ⒍ the matching viscose board products of fly killing lamp have the advantage of maintaining viscosity for a long time.

                Scope of application:

                The product is widely used in the production and processing places of all kinds of food and food related products, such as bakery, slaughterhouse, processing room, etc. it can also be used in public health places with high sanitary conditions, such as airports, schools, hotels, hospitals, restaurants and canteens. It can also be used in the production and processing places of electronics, precision instruments, chemical industry, printing and packaging, etc.

                Article source: solar mosquito killing lamp /
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