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                What are the use skills of outdoor mosquito killing lamps

                2019-03-15 460

                Application skills:

                1、 When selecting products, the number of field mosquito killing lamps with appropriate power shall be selected according to the density of specific pests and the area of the place, so as to achieve the ideal killing effect.

                2、 Before application, it is necessary to check whether the application voltage and frequency are consistent with the product, and use the power socket consistent with the product. The ground wire of the socket must be well grounded, then connect the power supply, turn on the power switch, see the purple light in the lamp tube, and the field mosquito killing lamp has started operation.

                3、 When mosquito flies touch the electric shock net during field mosquito killing lamp operation, it will be announced &amp; ldquo; Crackle &amp; rdquo; Sound is a normal phenomenon.

                4、 After using for a period of time, if you see that there are many mosquito residues accumulated on the chassis under the lamp, you should sort them out in time. During sorting, it is necessary to cut off the power supply first, hold the insulating part of the screwdriver, touch the two network cables between the power grids with the metal rod of the screwdriver for open circuit and discharge, then press the external network with two thumbs, take out the rear network, and then take out the chassis for cleaning.


                Precautions for application:

                1. Before use, be sure to pay attention to whether the power supply voltage and frequency are consistent. It is necessary to install a solid grounding wire on the socket.

                2. The field mosquito killing lamp should be placed in a place that can not be touched by children. During operation, the conductive special should not be extended into the side of the high-voltage network to avoid high-voltage electric shock.

                3. When cleaning the field mosquito killing lamp, be sure to cut off the power supply first and discharge the high-voltage network with a screwdriver. When discharging, it is necessary to hold the insulating part of the screwdriver to prevent electric shock.

                4. As electric shock sparks will be generated during field mosquito killing lamp operation, it is strictly prohibited to use all places and places with large dust and the possibility of flammability and explosion to avoid accidents.

                Article from: solar mosquito lamp manufacturer /
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