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                What kinds of outdoor solar mosquito killing lamps are there?

                2021-05-17 294

                There are several kinds of mosquito killing lamps in the field

                There are several kinds of field mosquito killing lamps, which can be divided into high-voltage electric shock electronic mosquito killing lamps, stick trap electronic mosquito killing lamps and cyclone mosquito suction lamps. The principle of high-voltage electric shock electronic mosquito killing lamp is to use the phototropism of mosquitoes to attract mosquitoes back and make them die in an electric shock accident. High efficiency mosquito inducing LED lamp is selected, which has high efficiency attraction effect on mosquitoes and other damaged insects. According to electrostatic induction, high-voltage electric shock can eliminate insects in an instant

                Stick catching electronic mosquito killing lamps have been widely used in food factories, pharmaceutical companies, express hotels, garden communities, department stores, high-end restaurants, game entertainment and leisure centers, office buildings and their home venues. Like the traditional insect killing lamp, the stick trap electronic mosquito killing lamp attracts insects close with the lighting effect of different light wavelengths, but the elimination method uses tape rather than DC electric shock net. Stick catching electronic mosquito killing lamp depends on its environmental maintenance design scheme: 1) no bad taste of burning paste; 2) No noise and high-voltage electric shock flame; 3) Insect corpses are not easy to dissolve and scatter due to high-voltage electric shock, resulting in air pollution; 4) There is no high voltage power network and the use is safe. Cyclone mosquito suction lamp 1. The automatic mosquito suction lamp immediately kills the mosquitoes. Unlike the traditional mosquito repellent and repellent, it just drives the mosquitoes away, and the mosquitoes go home again. 2. Do not use all chemicals, no toxicity, smell, radiation, environmental protection, no pollution. 3. Without all auxiliary machines and equipment, it can be used after the switching power supply is connected. The maintenance switch is embedded in the dust cover of the theme activity. When the dust cover is opened, it can be cleaned when there is no power in the high-voltage power network. It is worried that the power network will present the risk of residual DC power, which is simple, fast and safe. 4. The power consumption is very low. Even if it is used 24 hours a day, it only loses 3 kwh a month. 5. The light source is mild, the sound is very weak, does not damage the sleep quality, gorgeous and warm.
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